MAR/9 - APR/3, 2016

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DAVID GORDON,  Building And Ocean, 2015,  Digital Archival Print, 24" x 36"

DAVID GORDON, Building And Ocean, 2015, Digital Archival Print, 24" x 36"

Reception | Saturday, March 19, 2016 | 7-10PM | RSVP

Dab Art is pleased to present Vitreous Sol, a group exhibition centering on the glass like qualities of each of the selected works.

Vitreous Sol presents a collection of artwork that employs aspects often associated with glass. Physical, graphic and metaphorical properties of the anamorphic solid will be signified through the two-dimensional works of photography, abstracts and impressionism from five contemporary artists.

The exhibition will showcase stunning black and white photography by Michael Miner. After over a decade of capturing large format landscape images and printing using the “wet” process made famous by Ansel Adams, motifs, patterns and themes have emerged. Michael now explores pre-literate fables, the mystery of origins, enigmatic visual complexity, mythological transformations and the illusion of physical death through his lens. The forefront of this exhibit features his black and white series, Creation. Capturing the portal between the illusory world we imagine and the certainty in which we exist, in a “through the looking glass” experience.

Blake Brasher thinks of his work as meaning to be evocative rather than representational. It is however, the fluid motions and vivid colors of his works on display that seem to mimic the consummate beauty of blown glass. He describes his artistic method by “spending more time watching than actually making marks. Setting events in motion on the canvas and watching as they develop. It is a process of tending and caring and occasionally culling and pruning.”

Through merging images, David Gordon uncovers striking juxtapositions and unexpected parallels between distinct subjects or places. These images explore visual paradoxes and ambiguities through manipulation of scale, perspective, color, material and texture. This process abstracts each image from its spatial and temporal context. The resulting composites suggest dreamlike, alternative realities and examine the process by which meaning arises through association of memories with present experience. From where you stand to observe, a virtual window is created to separate you from your existence.

Julie Janney’s extraordinary attributes as a painter are in part achieved through vivid color and translatable textures. Her Flowers are elegant, saturated and sophisticated. This highly sought-after and collected contemporary series is dramatic and structured. Reminiscent of Louis Tiffany’s iconic colored glass works, her brush strokes are curious and playful and retain a feminine quality.

Artists On Exhibit: Michael Miner, Blake Brasher, David Gordon and Julie Janney

Curated by Yessíca Torres

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