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Opening Reception | Saturday, January 21, 2016 | 7-10p | RSVP

Dab Art is pleased to present VANISHING OASIS, a solo exhibition by contemporary artist Janet Milhomme in SPACE140 at H Gallery. Recently completed, this multi-media exhibition features photography, assemblage works and short film. In this new body of work Milhomme combines landscape, history, degeneration and unassuming splendor to document and define the infraction of human interference upon nature. 

VANISHING OASIS is a passion project by Milhomme, portraying with great drama and insight the decaying landscape of the Salton Sea in Southern California. A series of vivid prints signify an intensely contemporary vision and her signature color distortion embraces a past era. Assemblage pieces incarnate the stark grandness of what once was using the relics found throughout her many explorations. A short film accompanies her solo effort; demonstrating the fragility of our natural elements and record the Salton Sea’s infinitely complex character.

Milhomme’s own statement for VANISHING OASIS reveals the deep sensuality, humanness, and emotion for which she is eminently recognized.

As we witness the rapid deterioration of our ecosystems, the ecological disaster slowly unfolding at the Salton Sea goes beyond the isolated situation of a dying lake and becomes the canary in the cave relative to the problems of water scarcity, pollution and overdevelopment facing California, if not most of the western U.S. “Vanishing Oasis” is a series of conceptual images highlighting the current crisis and warning of those to come. Viewed from afar, the sea glistens with a startling blue outlined by a pure white shore. In reality the blue is a false curtain reflecting the sky, concealing a toxic brown stew edged by false shorelines of fragile salt mats and fish skeletons. The odor of decay swirls above the mud and blends with the dust, belying the sea’s beauty and mystery, a cool mirage slowly vanishing beneath the unrelenting desert sun.

Curated by Yessíca Torres
Dab Art
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