Consultations are designed to help visual artists develop the skills they need to manage their art careers. Our extensive and varied experience combined with an understanding of art trends enables us to suggest viable and receptive markets most suited for each individual artist. 

In person, over the phone or on location, we’ll discuss, develop and plan for your short and long term career goals by assessing your professional presence. All aspects of your career are reviewed, including your portfolio, website, resume, CV, biography and artist statement. Contact Dab Art directly for consultation fees and details.


Art Services

Dab Art provides a multitude of professional art services for a monthly fee, based on a one-year contract. Our services help artists appropriate galleries, museums, critics, curators and collectors locally, nationally and internationally. Services are tailored for each artist, focusing on individual needs to maximize exposure and sales.  

By assuming all aspects related to exhibitions and business management, Dab Art gives you the time to create, explore and succeed as artists. Contact Dab Art directly for more details about our contract services.