(Featured Artist) Studio b. Gallery, Newport Beach, CA 
(Featured Artist) Peter’s Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA

John Wayne Airport, Solo Exhibition, Orange County, CA 
H Gallery + Studios - Empire of Dirt, Los Angeles, CA 
TAG Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

TAG Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Branner Spangerberg Gallery; Redwood City, CA
Dwell on Design, PRIME Edition; Los Angeles, CA
Newport Beach Art Exhibition, 53rd Annual; Newport Beach, CA
Newport Beach Civic Center; Orange County, CA


American Photographic Artists (APA-LA); Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles Art Association (LAAA); Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP); Los Angeles, California
California Center for Photographic Art (CCPA); Carmel, California



- Honorable Mention, Landscapes, IPA, "Order and Perspective"
- Honorable Mention, Landscapes, IPA, "Beach Breaks, Study II, Image #1"
- Honorable Mention, Architecture-Historic, IPA, "Still Standing"
- Honorable Mention, Landscapes, IPA, "Pile of Tetrapods"
- Honorable Mention, Single-Shot: Harmony, Professional, IPA, "Seawall at Sunrise"


- First Place, Photography, Newport Beach Art Exhibition, 53rd Annual, "Seawall at Sunrise"
- Honorable Mention, Landscapes, IPA, "Bad Day in 1906"
- Honorable Mention, Landscapes, IPA, "Seaweed Beds"
- Honorable Mention, Nature-Trees, IPA, "Mature Trees"
- Honorable Mention, Landscapes, IPA, "Seawall at Sunrise"
- First Place, Pacific Life Photo Contest, "The Post"


My early childhood was spent traveling with my family on driving trips through small towns in America. Those experiences are engrained in me and helped me appreciate the small observations and photo vignettes that are of interest to me today as a professional photographer. 

I describe my fine art photography as minimalist in approach. Most frequently, the vision begins with simple lines or shadow perspectives as I select the simple subject as the focal point. Sometimes, I will visit a location at different times of the day to capture different moods or alternative shadow lines on the subject. My images will often feature sweeping landscape vistas that are isolating and mysterious to the viewer.



Scott Amling is a professional landscape photographer who travels throughout North America, Europe and Asia. His photographs capture the unique and obscured subjects and experiences from normal encounters that often go unnoticed. He is inspired by discovering new locations and experiencing the landscape of structures and other natural phenomena (such as seaweed beds ready for harvest at low tide in Japan). Having studied Architecture in college contributes to his ability to bring innovative perspectives and vantage points to his work.

Gradually moving from film and a large format camera to digital, Scott began to study and learn new techniques with premier landscape photographers, including Michael Levin. Over the last several years, he has created his own identifiable style of minimalist images with alluring and calming visuals.

He has won numerous awards including First Place for the "Seawall at Sunrise" at the 53rd Annual Newport Beach Art Exhibition, Civic Center, 2017 (professionally juried). Also, three of Scott’s images were selected as part of the “Enduring Images” collection at Branner Spangerberg Gallery in Redwood City, CA (juried by Michael Pauker, former curator of SF MOMA). In 2017, he won four Honorable Mentions from the International Photography Awards for his photographs of landscapes and nature and four additional Honorable Mentions in 2018. His art can be found in private collections in Newport Beach, Los Angeles, New York and Japan. Throughout 2018, his work was displayed in TAG Gallery in Los Angeles, at Dab Art Gallery/H + Studio Gallery, and a solo exhibition at The John Wayne Airport in Orange County, CA.

Last year in 2018, he traveled to southern England to shoot images of the rainy coastline in January; Molokai/Kauai in April; Amsterdam, Dunkirk and Paris in June; and southern Japan (third trip) in December. He continues to travel the world looking for more mysterious and captivating locations to document.