GROUP EXHIBIT  Mediums In Transposition

FEB/10 - MAR/6, 2016

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CARSON THARP,  Filing Cabinet 4 , 2014, InkAid transfers on canvas,  16  " × 24"

CARSON THARP, Filing Cabinet 4, 2014, InkAid transfers on canvas,  16" × 24"

Formal Reception | Saturday, February 20, 2016 | 6-8PM 

Closing Reception | Friday, March 4, 2016 | 6-10PM

Dab Art is pleased to present the group exhibition Mediums In Transposition. This exhibition includes artists whose unique perspectives are realized through each of their distinctive mediums. Each offers a highly individualistic, authentic, and imaginative evaluations commonly absent in mainstream genres.

Bringing together multiple practices that challenge tradition. Featuring a sci-fi photography series exemplifying how humans and technology co-exist. From Florida, layers of ink transfer on paper demonstrate the complex layers of the human memory. Intricate pen & ink designs explore the tension between organic shapes, textures and structured lines from Brooklyn based artist Juan Marin. Impressive encaustics that confront tradition by incorporating contemporary elements are a rare highlight. Rae Broyles’ spontaneity in oils creates abstract visions of grander in vivid color on canvas. Imposing and fluid motions in acrylic on colossal canvases from Oakland, California validate the importance of the process that characterizes all of the works in the show and sometimes constitutes our first connection to their makers.

Through the comprehended works of these artists, we are able to view once internalized concepts. Interchanged through their perspective mediums we can cognize their emotions and appreciate the final form.

Artists on Exhibit: Carson Tharp, Edgar Landeros, Juan Marin, Mark Lightfoot, Robin Tripaldi and Rae Broyles

Curated by Yessíca Torres, Chief Curator for Dab Art.

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