APR/16 - MAY/8, 2016

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HUNTZ LIU,  Split 1 , 2016,   Layered Hand Cut Paper,    20" × 20" 

HUNTZ LIU, Split 1, 2016, Layered Hand Cut Paper,  20" × 20" 

Opening Reception | Saturday, April 16, 2016 | 7-10PM | RSVP

Closing Reception | Friday, May 6, 2016 | 6-10PM | RSVP

Dab Art is pleased to present MAGNUS COLO. An exhibition featuring the colorful and intriguing works of Franscesa Saveri, Rebecca Woodhouse, Huntz Liu, Janet Milhomme, John Swartwout, Lisa Daniels, Kirk McCoy, Barbara Skoog and Perfecto Baloloy Jr. 

Using the strategies of accumulation, saturation, and the repetitive mark, these artists explore their fascination with color saturated space and form. From the delicately controlled hand cut lines of Huntz Liu’s layered paper piece Spilt 1 (2016) to the jostling interaction of Perfecto Baloloy’s Food Trip (2016) and Barbara Skoog’s Rogue Thought (2015), where contrast controlled surroundings and fluid lines are layered in between heavy color.

A socially cognizant John Swartwout’s statement piece Will Accept Cookies (2006), is one part assemblage and one part video installation. Debuting for first time in California, the unassuming assemblage examines consumer indulgence and unintentional societal impact. Onlookers become part of the installation, as an inconspicuous video captures admirers, the moments are then experienced in real time projection in a secondary exhibit on the second floor.

Janet Milhomme’s latest series Vanishing Oasis (2016) is a simple yet brilliant series of intriguing conceptual images highlighting the Salton Sea as a symbol of the problems of water scarcity, pollution and overdevelopment facing California. Seattle based artist Rebecca Woodhouse hand presses blocks of color and text redefining structure in imaginative linocuts such as Songs (2014) and Work & Play (2013). Sculptor Kirk McCoy using volcanic rock, he describes as Farrago due to the natural stone's colorful layers has transformed this unique material into an opulent and vibrant series titled Spacescapes (2011-2016). In Francesca Saveri’s encaustics, work such as the diptych All Blues (2014) feature heavy pigments that ostensibly pour over the titanic wood panels right into the soul of the observer. 

Specializing in abstracts and architecture, Lisa Daniels plays off the geometry of the finite structure of her superb buildings and then explores the emotional impartiality of their abstract counterparts. The side-by-side relationship of Art Stable (2015) and Art Stable Abstract (2016) is a testament of Lisa’s artist capacities and range.


Artists On Exhibit: Francesca Saveri + Huntz Liu + Rebecca Woodhouse + Janet Milhomme + John Swartout + Lisa Daniels + Barbara Skoog + Perfecto Baloloy Jr. + Kirk McCoy 

Curated by Yessíca Torres

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