DOMINGA OPAZO  Cultural Crash

JAN/9 - DEC/20, 2016


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DOMINGA OPAZO,  Cultural Crash,  2015, mixed media and textiles

DOMINGA OPAZO, Cultural Crash, 2015, mixed media and textiles

Opening Reception | Saturday, January 9, 2016 | 6-8PM | RSVP


My greatest inspiration, and often the subject of my art, is the natural world seen through the lens of my childhood. From my earliest memory I have seen the world around me as organic forms. Each tree is completely different from another and I’m drawn to the patterns, shapes and colors that I see. I first translate what I see through line and then follow the pattern to create the bigger picture.

—Dominga Opazo


Dab Art is pleased to present Cultural Crash, an installation by Dominga Opazo. This site-specific installation is a symbolic expression of change and reflection as experienced by the artist. The principal components of copper, textiles and print amalgamated with elevated suspension are a seamless execution of splendor.  

The rigorous labor required and the intimacy with organic materials is captivating. The selection of yarns incorporated into the installation derives from her native country of Chile. The staggered panels suspended from the gallery’s thirty-foot ceilings are distinctive and influential.

Finding inspiration in Chiloe art, Dominga began to experiment with weaving in art practice. First creating a series of prints with configurations that are inspired from patterns made by the Selkma, the prints are then integrated these patterns into the weavings. 

Dominga Opazo was born in Santiago, Chile. She lives and works in Ventura, California. Recent exhibitions (2015); Worth Ryder Art Gallery/Berkeley, CA; 345 Gallery/Oakland, CA; Kroeber Gallery/Berkeley, CA; Satellite Gallery/ Berkeley, CA (Solo Exhibition)

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