Creative Framing & Gallery; Oakland, CA. “look again” two person
Atlantic Works Gallery; Boston, Massachusetts, “Boston Biennial Five”
Reclaim Room, San Francisco, CA “What if?” 3 person, curated by myself
ROOT’s Division, San Francisco, CA. “LET ME BE A WITNESS”
ArtSpan’s “Art-in-Neighborhoods” San Francisco, CA, Ritual Coffee
Beijing Expo, Beijing, China. Exhibiting with China ArtBank, Nanjing, China
Works; San Jose, California “Alternative Facts”
Atlantic Works Gallery; Bosom, Massachusetts “Yellow”
Bardessono, Yountville, CA. exhibition organized by Andrea Schwartz Gallery, SFCA 
Andrea Schwartz Gallery; San Francisco, California two person exhibition
Arts Benicia, Benicia, California, “Fragments: the art of Collage and Assemblage”
Midway SF Gallery, San Francisco, California, “Oddities”
Los Angeles Center For Digital Art, Los Angeles, California. “Electron Salon”
Satellite Collective, New York, New York, “Telephone: An International Arts Experiment”
Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach, FL., “Art & Artifact: Selections from the Southeast Museum of Photography” four person
Southeast Museum of Photography, Daytona Beach, Fl., “The Growth of a Collection Part 1” 
Public Glass & The Reclaimed Room; San Francisco, CA, “SCRAP ART: creative reuse in the
Bayview”; First Place juror’s award
Robert F. Agrella Gallery, SRJC; Santa Rosa, California, “Making Special”
See.Me Exhibition Space; Long Island, New York, “The Story of the Creative”
Art Venice Biennale 55; Venice, Italy, “The Biennial Project” Grande prize
aqua12 art fair, Miami Beach, Florida exhibiting with Autobody Fine Art Gallery, Alameda, CA
Grey Loft Gallery; Oakland, California, “From One Thing To Another – The Art of Recycle”
Los Medanos College Art Gallery; Pittsburg, California, “Lost & Found”
Arts Benicia; Benicia, California, “Collateral Damage”
aqua10 art fair, Miami Beach, Florida exhibiting with Autobody Fine Art Gallery, Alameda, CA
Andi Campognone Projects, Pomona, California, “Curiosities”
Freies Museum; Berlin, Germany, “ter Hell: die Show” 
Marin Museum of Contemporary Art; Novato, California, “Alchemy”
Bereznitsky Gallery; Berlin, Germany, “Reliquaries of Empires Dust” 
Museum of the African Diaspora; San Francisco, California, “Decoding Identity”
500X Gallery; Dallas, Texas, “Your Favorite Artist was a Member: 30 Years at 500X”  
Peace Museum, Chicago, Illinois, “Images Against War”
Keki Gallery, Central-European Cultural Institute, Budapest, Hungary ”From/About-Signals”
Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art; San Francisco, California; “CAESURE”
Lobot Gallery; Oakland, California, “Shadowbox: Art to be viewed by it’s own light”
The Lola Gallery; San Francisco, California, “Swank”
Gallery Sink, Denver, Colorado, “The Photographed Word”
Centro Cultural del Conde Duque; Madrid, Spain, “De cerca nadie es normal”, PhotoEspana 2003
Southeast Museum of Photography; Dayton Beach, Florida, “TEN: Photographs Over the Past Ten Years”
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The Friends Of Photography, SFCA, “Beyond Boundaries: Contemporary Photography California”
Centro de la fotografía, Lima, Perú, “Fotografos Norte Americanos”
Leeds Gallery, The University of Texas at Austin; Austin Texas, “Islands of Order”
SF Cameraworks; San Francisco, California, “Commotion”
Smallworks Gallery; Las Vegas, Nevada, “Botanical Show”
500X Gallery; Dallas, Texas, "20X500 Views from a Dallas warehouse 1978-1998", traveling exhibition
Fotofeis; Scotland; "Fotofeis Highlights Tour", traveling exhibition in Scotland 
Centre culturel Les Chiroux; Charleroi, Belgium, "La Ville Multiple", Première Biennale of photographie San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Rental Gallery; San Francisco, California, three-person exhibition
Musée de la photographie à Charleroi; Charleroi, Belgium, "Images from the Permanent Collection"
Southeast Museum of Photography; Daytona Beach, Florida, "some things", four photographers, catalog
Oakland Museum of Art; Oakland, California, "Architecture in Focus IV"
Sao Paulo's Cultural Center; Sao Paulo, Brazil, "North American Contemporary Photographers”
Southeast Museum of Photography; Daytona Beach, Florida, "Reverberations”
Selected Public Collections Alameda County Public Art Collection, Alameda County, California
Association Photographique de Montreal; Montreal, Quebec, Canada 
 Center for Photography at Woodstock; Woodstock, New York
di Rosa Preserve; Napa, California
The University of Texas at Austin; Austin, Texas
Hyatt Place; Emeryville, California
Hungarian Multicultural Center, Budapest, Hungary
 Milwaukee Art Museum; Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
Musée de la Photographie à Charleroi; Chareroi, Belgium
Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín; Medellín, Colombia
Richland College; Dallas, Texas 
San Antonio Museum of Art; San Antonio, Texas
Sherwood Design Engineers; San Francisco, California
Southeast Museum of Photography; Daytona Beach, Florida



B. 1953, St Louis, Missouri.

Clint Imboden is an assemblage artist whose sculptures and immersive installations address contemporary social and political topics in unprecedented ways. His work recycles discarded and neglected items sourced from local flea markets and estate sales, making use of odds and ends from chest x-rays and prison mugshots, to bicycle rims, paintbrushes, and hammers. Imboden’s art challenges viewers to consider each individual item and the associative qualities it brings to the whole in order to decipher the significance of a piece.

Imboden’s work can be found in public collections both nationally and internationally, including, the San Antonio Museum of Art (TX), Museu de Arte Moderna, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín (Colombia), the Milwaukee Art Museum (WI), the di Rosa Preserve (CA), and the Alameda County Public Art Collection (CA). 

Imboden has been commissioned by the SF Curran (CA), Hyatt Place Hotel (CA), and Sherwood Designs (CA). Clint Imboden currently lives and works out of his Oakland home-studio.


I am constantly visiting flea markets and estate sales searching for objects that give me pause. From old shoes and worn books, to rusty screwdrivers and battered crutches. These discarded and overlooked objects come home to my Oakland-based studio. There, my haul of the neglected are repurposed into assemblage sculptures and installations primarily addressing social, cultural, and political topics.

My work is material-based and process oriented. The objects I collect are used for their connotative, associative or narrative possibilities. I juxtapose and modify items with careful consideration and decisive intent—nothing is accidental. The materials I use challenge viewers to consider multiple references to understand the full meaning of my work. I want my audience to think beyond an object’s physical confines and ask: What are the associative qualities of these objects referring to?


2018 stARTup Art Fair, Los Angeles, California
2017 Autobody Fine Art; Alameda, California
stARTup Art Fair; San Francesco, California
2016 Autobody Fine Art; Alameda, California
2015 Reclaimed Room Gallery, San Francisco, California
2014 Peephole Gallery, San Francisco, California, “boxes inside walls”
2013 Loakal Art Gallery; Oakland, California
2012 Sherwood Gallery; San Francisco, California
Los Medanos College Art Gallery; Pittsburg, California
2011 Hatch Gallery; Oakland, California
2010 Autobody Fine Art; Alameda, California (installation room)
2007 Liquid SPACES Gallery; San Francisco, California
2005 Lobot Gallery; Oakland, California
Stadthaus N1, 7.Internationale Fototage; Mannheim/ Ludwigshafen, Germany
2002 Society for Contemporary Photography; Kansas City, Missouri
2000 Gallería Centro Colombo Americano; Medellín, Colombia
1997 Aberdeen Art Museum; Aberdeen, Scotland
1996 Blue Sky Gallery; Portland, Oregon
1995 Photo Lab Gallery; Berkeley, California
1994 SRO Gallery, Texas Tech University; Lubbock, Texas
1993 Grubby Halo Gallery; Dallas, Texas
1990 Gallarie d'a; Dallas, Texas


2008-2014 Sherwood Design Engineers; San Francisco, California
2015-2016 Hyatt Place Hotel; Emeryville, California
2017 The Curran; San Francisco, California
2018 Prometheus; Mountian View, California