BIOTIC | Panel Talk

H Gallery + Studios
1793 E Main Street
Ventura CA 93001


PANEL DISCUSSION | Sunday, October 1 | 1-3p | RSVP

Join us Sunday, October 1st from 1 - 3p for a panel discussion with BIOTIC artists Gianfranco Cioffi, Matthew Floriani, and Madeline Walker. Moderated by Dab Art Director Yessica Torres, this discussion will focus on each artist's selected works and their unique approaches to art.

FREE Admission! Eats and Drinks at 1:00, talk starts at 1:30.

Gianfranco Cioffi - Contemporary painter Gianfranco Cioffi, born and raised in Italy and currently residing in Los Angeles, California, has participated in shows all over the United States and Europe. Through Calligraphy pens and brushes, Bamboo stick and pastels, Sumi ink and Watercolor, Gianfranco forever captures a precious moment in time with the stroke of his hand. There's a combination of minimal balance, movement, and seductive emotional gestures in his chosen colors and fully focused lines. The scheme of his painting invites the observer to move into an unknown space that activates our deep, hidden, and sometimes forgotten memories. Gianfranco speaks to the turbulence inside of us.

Matthew Floriani - My recent house sculptures and ‘empty’ deer head illustrations suggest the complicated existence of what lies behind an architectural mask. Delving into notions of family and loss, these life-sized ‘portraits’ of houses and masks convey multiple levels of human emotion. Constructed out of wood, patterned fabric, nails, screws, metal, and thread, these structures are rendered to evoke a sense of comfort and domesticity through the use of fabric as covering, while others are presented in various states of disarray with architectural features broken down and de-constructed. These states of order and chaos are simultaneously present in each house to convey vulnerability in the place I find most safe.  

Madeline Walker - Madeline Walker was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, and later moved to Kentucky where she attended Northern Kentucky University. There she received a BFA in New Media in 2014, prior to attending Utah State University, where she received an MFA in Sculpture. Her work has been included in recent exhibitions at Chazou Contemporary Art Gallery in British Columbia, Canada, and Carnegie Art Center in Covington, Kentucky.