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Dab Art provides a multitude of professional art services for a monthly fee, based on a one-year contract. Our exhibition services help artists appropriate galleries, museums, critics, curators and collectors locally, nationally and internationally. We also offer social media management, concentrating on building followers and a solid online presence on multiple platforms.

By assuming all aspects related to exhibitions and business management, Dab Art gives you the time to create, explore and succeed as artists. Contact Dab Art directly for more details about our contract services.

Dab Art contract services include but are not limited to;

  • Personalized Summary Reports (monthly or annual analysis) 
  • Art Fair Invitations and Visibility (New York, Seattle, Los Angeles)
  • Dab Art’s Professional Contacts (4500+ up-to-date curators, collectors, consultants, galleries and non-profit spaces)
  • Professional Art Writing Services (resume, CV formatting, artist statements, bio’s and promotional design)
  • Portfolio Evaluations (review, critique, gallery considerations)
  • Social Media Account Management (building and maintaining followers, professional profiles, gallery views)


Artist Services
Portfolio Consultations